M.C.R.P is the perfect team for all your cylinder head needs from valve jobs to major repairs.


Valve Jobs

Here at M.C.R.P we can do valve jobs which range from mild to wild. We can handle projects which demand a simple 45 degree main cut with a 30 degree back cut or multi-angle valve jobs for those who demand the flow characteristics that they provide.

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Porting and Polishing

Porting and polishing intakes and cylinder heads is one of the specialties at M.C.R.P. We have the ability to take what are usually rough cast runners and port (contour) and polish (smooth) them to make them flow much more air, and therefore fuel, resulting in more power. The porting gives the air more area to flow through while the polishing eliminates surface imperfections which can cause skin friction and turbulent flow.


Cylinder Head Repair

From cast iron to aluminum trust the experts and M.C.R.P the next time you need cylinder head repair. Whether you just need your valve seals replaced or you drop a valve there is nothing that we have not seen before or can't handle. The best part is after our repairs are done most cant even tell that there was damage in the first place.